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Child's Play (A Kickass Charity)


Child's Play

was started by Gabe and Tycho over at Penny Arcade. It's a great charity, benefiting kids in children's hospitals and it's primarily funded by gamers over the internet. It's a great chance, once a year, to try and prove that not every gamer on 'net is an anonymous fuckwad. And since it's set up by gamers for gamers so you know they cater to our lazy asses quite well. They've partnered with Amazon, Toys R' Us and Imaginarium to make it a painfree method to do something worth a few karma points.

The first year, all the procedes (over $250k in cash and toys) went to Seattle Children's Hospital. This is the second year now and they've expanded to cover several hospitals across the US. I've donated to the Oakland one, but you can pick whatever one you want. If you can afford it, just fucking do it. Like now. It takes a few minutes and will probably be the most worthwhle thing you do all day, knowing you. :P

ps: If you wanna know more about how/why the formed this charity, check out the FAQ page ("Q: What's the full story of how Child's Play came about?"). It's a good thing to read.