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HOWTO: Have A Morning Like Mine


0. Go to bed around 2:00am.

1. Get woken up at 7:00am by a solicitor phone call.

2. Get up earlier than usual anyway because you have to go to the DMV before work today because you recently found out that your license expired a couple of MONTHS ago and you got nothing in the mail.

3. Get in shower.

4. Break shower by pulling the handle off as you turn it on.

4a. Note that while your feet are slightly wet, this does NOT constitute a shower.

5. Get dressed, go to the DMV.

6. Fill out form.

7. Talk to lady at desk who wants $24.

8. Realize you only have $15 in cash.

9. Go to the ATM.

10. Go back to the DMV.

11. Wait for World's Oldest Driver to get his renewal and explain to the lady how "the three A's" wouldn't give him insurance.

11a. Be slightly concerned about possibly seeing him later in traffic.

12. Talk to new lady and pay her.

13. Find out you have to take the written test.

13a. Freak out a little inside your head where no-one can see.

14. Get your picture taken. (Note, sans showering still.)

15. Pass your test, missing 2 questions. (Limit: 3 errors.)

16. Go home, notice that the cat did NOT fix shower like you told him to

17. Call maintenence.

18. Send a "telecommuting this morning" email.

19. Make coffee.

20. Realize your website and host is down... so you can't update your blog.

21. Bug someone to fix it.

I'd have gone back to bed if maintenance wasn't coming. heh.