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Gavin & The Marrying of The Gays


Ok, this San Francisco gay marriage thing has been all over the national news for a little while now and I simply must comment.

I think Gavin Newsom has made a very dangerous move in his political career. He may never go beyond the position of Mayor because of all the heat about to head his way, but I certainly hope he does (if he has the aspirations) because that guy has balls. He's willing to make a locally popular but nationally unpopular stand on a very tough, wedge issue because it's what he thinks is right. He hasn't committed political suicide, per se... but it's awfully close. A bit like Political Russian Roulette, I suppose. Only we won't know if the chamber was loaded for a few years. heh.

He was on the Ron Owen's show on KGO this morning and I only heard about half an hour of it, but I must say... that dude deserves some respect. He took an oath to uphold the constitution, and is doing what he sees is needed to stay true to that oath... accepting whatever consequences may come. Brav-fucking-o.

And on the topic of Gay Marriage...

What the fuck is wrong with you people who oppose it? Why the fuck do you even care what other people are doing when it really has NO impact on you? How does it affect you, really? Does it make your marriage any less valid? Does it offend you religiously? What?

Ok, I guess that's all rhetorical, because there's likely few people reading my blog who are anti-gay marriage. (Er, well... I think.) But please, won't somebody who understands please explain to me the position of the anti-gay marriage crowd? I am actually having a hard time grasping it.

All I can figure is that it must be religious and that makes me so mad I might actually spontaneously combust. Separation of Church and State. How can our esteemed President not understand that? Oh, what? He does? He just doesn't give a fuck? Oh, well that's different then.

I wish it was November already. I am gonna stick around long enough to vote, then I am gonna fly to Florida, buy a baseball bat and preside over the folks presiding over the elections.