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We saw target="_blank">Stomp last night. Fucking AWESOME show. We had
excellent seats, 2nd row center or so. Just about where we sat for href="http://www.blueman.com/" target="_blank">Blue Man Group in Vegas
a couple of weeks ago. It was perfect.

For anyone who hasn't see this show, you HAVE to... it's brilliant. If you
have seen it already, go again.. especially if it's been a couple of

It was fun being out with Annette. I didn't get to go out to dinner with
her and her friend before the show (@$%&ing work) which was kind of a
bummer though. Especially since it turns out that her friend knew and
brought a friend of mine (and his fiance) that I've known for like 12
years or so. Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area is so small sometimes, depending
on what circles you move in. heh. Got to see them at the show though,
along with a promise of "we should hang out more often than every 2
years." That'd be cool. Sean's one of my more rational friends. (No
offense to the rest of you lunatics.)