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Monterey = Wine n' Whales


Thursday, TheGirl™ and I drove down to Monterey. We stopped for lunch at Sapporo's Sushi and Steakhouse on Fisherman's Wharf. We had sashimi, sushi, teriyaki and, of course, (Sapporo) beer. Then we drove down to Cannery Row and hit the The Official Regional Wine Visitors' Center. Lots of fun tasting wine there, since they represent the Monterey region winemakers and have lots of different wines to taste. (Of course we left with several bottles.) Next stop was the Blue Moon, as Annette was wanting some oysters. Six oysters and two pints later, we were headed to check into our hotel.

We stayed at The Beach Resort where we had a room with an ocean view. (Allow me to rephrase: ...where we had a room with a fucking kick ass ocean view.) The sound of the ocean was a constant background noise and I already kind of miss it. It was perfect to fall asleep to. The room itself was, in a word, ugly. Comicly ugly, even. Everything was clean and functioning, but well... we took a picture because words don't describe it.... (link forthcoming)

That evening, we had dinner at the hotel. (Um, for the record, while I recommend the view, I do not recommend the retaraunt.) Afterwards, we hit the lounge/bar for some cocktails. We made friends with the bartender and she poured some really strong Long Island Iced Teas. She was very good to us. (So, to recap on the hotel... view: AWESOME, room: funny, restaraunt: bad, bartender: KICKASS. )

Amazingly enough, on Friday, we were able to rouse ourselves in time for breakfast. We ate at a little place called Laguna's Cafe. Great food, nice staff, and an excellent, cozy atmosphere. After food, we headed back out to Fisherman's Wharf for a whale watching trip with Monterey Bay Whale Watch. We had a blast on this little ocean voyage. We saw a school (... herd? ...pride? ...murder?) of Risso's Dolphins hunting for food and two or three humpback whales. (Not to mention the sea lions, otters and dive-bombing pelicans.) Despite the cold and sun (resulting in a very sunburned me...forgot the sunblock, doh), it was an absolute blast. I highly recommend whale watching and I thoroughly enjoyed our guide, Captain Leon.

Afterwards, we shopped on the wharf and then went back to Cannery Row to visit the wine center again. (Mostly because a bottle rolled out of our hotel room fridge and broke. Luckily it was the cheapest bottle we bought. heh) Then we went back to the Blue Moon and had a real dinner. I had the sesame-encrusted Ahi and she had the (World Famous) Crab Risoto. I can't recommend this place enough. The food and the view were both phenomenal.

Saturday morning, another breakfast at Laguna's and we headed home. All and all, it was an excellent couple of days. I can't even imagine spending it with anyone else. The last year with her has been excellent and Monterey was a great way to spend it.

Happy 1 year to us. :)