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Yes, cls.blog has RSS


I've been prodded by a couple of folks to get an RSS feed for my blog, but while I knew Blosxom spoke RSS I never really looked into it. Well, after the WWDC announcement that Tiger Safari is going to include an RSS Reader, I decided I'd sort out how to view my blog as RSS. Yeah, turns out it's really simple, but not perfect. All it entails is passing the blosxom script a flavor type of "rss".

feed://www.the-cantina.com/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi?flav=rss (using a feed:// URL scheme because thats what Safari uses. I dunno what yer supposed to use with external readers.)

So, I verifed that this works with Tiger Safari (ok, is it just me or does that sound a little um... corny?) as expected. The My Yahoo builtin RSS reader also parses it fine. Someone with a real RSS reader tell me if it works as expected. I appear to be to lazy to check right now... but I may get around to it someday. (Unless we ship Tiger first...)

My version of Blosxom (ok, I am behind on updating) has date/timestamp issues. Every article appears to have been written at the same time (date of the last post). Gotta look into if the newer versions fix that.