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Dashboard, Konfabulator and a Little Bit of Perspective


So, the folks over at Konfabulator poked a little fun at us for the resemblence between Dashboard (a new Tiger feature) and their own product. I thought that was pretty funny (even if a little inacurate.)

However, a lot of the Dashboard vs Konfabulator arguement is not really all the light-hearted. Claims of Apple trampling the little guy, copycating a developer and so on...

In fact, Arlo Rose (one half of the Konfab developer duo) was interviewed over at Geek Patrol and C|Net. He seems a little bitter and I'm not surprised. Apple announced a feature that may kill his product. (Frankly, I hope Konfab does NOT die but they're going to either have to get crafty or move platforms.) There's lots of comments after the article at Geek Patrol. Some good and some pointless... but worth skimming if you're interested in the debate I guess. It's pretty much the same discussion any where you go though so if you've already read something similar somewhere else, don't bother.

At any rate, the whole reason I am blogging about this is to link to an interesting article by John Gruber. He knows what he's talking about and offers a insightful answer to the cry of "why didn't the big bad Apple just buy out Konfabulator?" as well as a plethora of other misconceptions.