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Sal Wise is a Scammer and a Moron


(Meant to post about this yesterday. Not that it matters, the poor guy's website was slashdotted into oblivion for most of the day...)

This webpage chronicles the ongoing effort of Justin Spence to bring eBay scammer Sal Wise to justice... or at least get back his $1150. As it turns out, Sal has scammed upwards of $7000 from various folks on eBay. They've all managed to find each other and now Justin leads a group effort to get every one of them repaid.

You know, I'm very much a buyer beware kind of guy when it comes to stuff like eBay, but that, in no way, excuses the fraudulent activities of people like Sal. Justin & company are definitely fighting the good fight here. More power to 'em. I hope they bring Sal down, hard.

Anyhow, the tale is very interesting and the page chronicling all of the emails is both infuriating and funny.

PS: The page that he put up this morning with all the emails from Slashdotters offering support, sympathy and advice is pretty damn cool too.