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Sin City: the MOVIE?


Somewhere I saw a reference to a movie coming out in 2005 called "Sin City." I
thought, "nah.. couldn't be. Sure they're making every comic book into a movie these days... but
they couldn't do Sin City. Could they?" So, I hit imdb and looked HREF="http://imdb.com/title/tt0401792/" TARGET="_blank">it up.

omg. Sure as hell, they are making Sin City the movie. The page loaded and I thought, well, it's
going to have to suck. I mean, how can they ever get the feel right? How will
they ever transfer that from paper to film? Then the names under the "Director" section catch my

omFg. Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. Ok, let me get this out of the way: I think HREF="http://imdb.com/name/nm0001675/" TARGET="_blank">Robert Rodiguez generally rocks. The only
movie of his that I've seen that I didn't love was Once Upon A Time In Mexico, and even
that's growing on me after the fact. (It was just SO over the top... but it had some brilliant

But the important thing here is, it's Frank Fucking Miller. Yeah, to those not
in the know, when ya look at his imdb
, he doesn't appear to be all that, but let me tell you one thing: He is all that,
and a bag of motherfucking chips. TARGET="_blank">He's The Man in the comic book world. He's one of the best artists in the
biz with a unique and striking style that screams intensity, but dwarfing his skill with pen and
pencil is his writing. The man can tell a story. He made Daredevil a bad ass. He breathed life
into Elektra. He put the dark in Dark Knight. He built Sin City. If I sound like a fanboy
here, it's because I am. Unabashedly so.