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Car Hunt '04


I'm looking at buying a new car (yes, again.) I've enjoyed the Mustang, but buying it has seemed to infect me with the Buying New Car disease and I've got urge for new wheels.

I've been doing some research, and will be continuing to do some over the next couple of weeks. I'm considering quite a few different options, but at the moment, my favorite candidate is a PT (Cruiser) GT. I've driven a PT before, it was nice but it didn't have much oomph. It was not, however, a GT. So I need to go test drive one and see if it makes the cut. (I really kinda hope so. I'm diggin' the idea of a PT with DVD Nav, Moonroof, two tone paint job...)

The other frontrunners are: Mustang GT (yeah, just a big ole upgrade to my current car), Ford Focus SVT, Pontiac Vibe (or Toyota Matrix), Volkswagon GTI, Subraru WRX (sportwagon only!)... and I still haven't completely ruled out the Nisson 350Z or the Mini Cooper S (though they are unlikely). hah!