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Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard


It may very well be that it's because it's 3:19am and I'm still working,
but I find this really funny. Paper disproves Spock! heh

Even better, there's a World RPS (that's Rock Paper Scizzors) homepage. There, they have strategies and rules and such. They also mention that The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide Book will be available in North American bookstores in October 2004. They say, "[m]akes a perfect gift for any RPS enthusiast." Lest you think it's a joke: you can preorder it from Amazon.

Ok, raise your hand if you knew there was such a thing as a Rock Paper Sizzors enthusiast. Yeah, me neither.

Almost, but not quite, as odd as pro cup stacking (Blogged last year as " The Sport of ...dowhatnow?").