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SmartKlamp... holy mother of...


Over at Gizmodo they have an
article about a new device called the SmartKlamp. What's SmartKlamp, you say? Why, it's a Single-Use, Automatic Circumcision Device.

Yes, you read that right. A Single-Use, Automatic Circumcision Device.

You should check out the page on the SmartKlamp site for details. Please take note of how happy the young boys on the page look. Uh, huh. They say, "Circumcision is a very simple and straightforward procedure. Nevertheless it is important to explain your son what is going to happen. With the availability of modern painkillers he does not need to suffer any pain. " Yeah... no physical pain. 'Just stick your winky in the thing that looks like a portable garbage disposal, son. Stop being such a pussy.' gah. I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.