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I'm Not Sleeping


It's about 03:30. I fire up the RSS reader and there's nothing new to peruse. I fire up IRC and all my favorite channels are dead. I fire up iChat and the only people online are on the other side of the planet. All sure signs that I should be asleep.

Problem is, I'm not in the least bit tired. I could pick up the book I was reading earlier, but it's so good that I really kinda doubt it will help me fall asleep. I guess I should turn off the computer, turn on Nick At Night or something and go back to staring at the ceiling... but that just doesn't sound very appealing.

Instead, I'm online, working on the new design for the website (you'll get to see it when I move to the new domain name/hosting service.. I bet you can't wait), trying to plot when's the best time for our New York trip (fscking 71g3r) and chatting with Smittie in Kuwait. (Looking forward to the D&B trip/war stories after he gets back. :) )