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EFF Files Suit to Defend Jibjab


JibJab did the excellent parody that I blogged about on 20JUL. Well, in case you missed this news tidbit (and you must have, since I failed to blog it, heh) the copyright holder of Woodie Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" is suing JibJab. They claim it changes the whole tune of the song. (An interesting argument, considering that they've been doing that for years. Apparently, not only have they forgotten the true tone of the original song, they've also forgotten what both 'Political Satire' and 'Parody' are.) (Yes, I know.. that was a like a super hyper-linked paragraph.)

Well, thankfully the EFF has now file suit on behalf of Jibjab. There's a reason I give them money.

(Original link courtesy of BoingBoing, of course.)