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TiVo/Netflix: Better Than Chocolate & Peanutbutter


...but not as good as Rockstar and Vodka. My two favorite services, TiVo and Netflix, are teaming up. ArsTechnica has the story, but to sum it up: It looks like Tivo users who are Netflix subscribers will be able to rent movies from Netflix over broadband. Now, admittedly, this type of service has been speculated about for a while. I'm happy about the prospect because of the two companies involved.

The article does raise a few good points and/or questions though. One major one: What will quality be like? It's likely not going to be *DVD* quality because that's a couple gigs of data and with my shitty Verizon DSL it would be quicker to continue using Netflix's snailmail service. Additionally, sometimes the DVD is fun for the extras it has. That's something I would only miss for certain titles though, and those are generally the movies I'd like to own on DVD anyway.

Another interesting thing will be seeing how DirecTV and the Cable companies react. They probably will not be very happy about this partnership. ( -0= them. )