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Stop, Breathe, Recharge, Go!


Work has been kicking my ASS the last several months. But after two days of kick ass Apple news ( great MacWorld Expo Keynote and kickass earnings report today ) my morale is renewed. A lot of the chatter on the net about the new stuff is even positive.

What's even better is that tomorrow I head up to MWSF after I grab mali out of her work. It's always fun to go to MacWorld. It's fun to see all the offerings from third parties, sure and making contacts is nice, of course (ah crap... am I out of business cards?) but the REALLY cool thing is seeing people there who aren't wearing Apple badges that are excited about Apple products.

I've spent the last several months running a marathon at sprinting speeds and I have a while to go before I am done... but tomorrow should really help to re-energize the batteries.

I'll find time for a real update someday soon. Honest.