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I'm Not Ignoring You...


...ok, yes I am. Well, not all of you, but I really just don't have any spare time at the moment and so I'm not responding to every bit if communication I'm getting at the moment. (Hell, I'm even neglecting my World of Warcraft characters and I hate to tell you this, but several of you rank below my virtual friends and if I'm ignoring them, it might be some time before you're even near the front of the line. :) heh ) Even the realworld friends who rank... I've barely got enough time to spend with my girl and call my Mom... so you gotta wait. No offense.

But seriously, more than a couple times recently I've minimized an IM window thinking "I should respond to that" or something similar and then get so lost in work that I don't see the IM window again for several hours.... or the next day. Um, yeah... sorry about that.

At any rate, to answer a couple of FAQs: "Yes, Tiger is taking all of my waking time." and "No, I cannot and will not talk to you about when it will ship or anything like that."

PS: But the GOOD news is: Fuck everything else on Sunday, cuz I'm gonna go see Flogging Molly come hell, high water or rabid jungle cats. Fuck yes, I am.