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Cool Shit, no?


Yay. iTunes 6 is out the door! Man, it only seems like a few short weeks ago we rolled out 5.0. Hrm. No, actually the weeks have seemed particularly long.

Still, it's gratifying. We announced some cool shit this week to mostly positive responses.

The video feature in iPod is cool and lots of folks wanted us to do it, and so I am glad it's out there finally. However, it would be interesting to see how much of the market really wants portable video. (I'll be upgrading, but that's just because I was putting off upgrading to a 60gb photo because I knew this was coming. I don't necessarily care about portable video as much as I do about the nicer screen, slimmer size and bigger capacity when comparing it to my 40gb.)

More important, however, is what the direction we're going with iTunes, iTMS and the Mac. You can see great possibilities in the future for content delivery and management. Soon, a Mac solution might be able replace my TiVo, Cablebox, DVD player and home stereo. Hell, it's already covering all music duties and fills in getting shows that I wanted to see that TiVo didn't get.

(Don't get me wrong, TiVo... I still love you guys, but you are worrying me with how much control you might be willing to take from the customer and give to the networks. I'm also more than a little peeved about your lack of giving-a-shit about the Mac when it comes to TiVo To Go.)