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NYC, Tat-two, Philly and Pumpcon


Just got home from from the east coast trip. I'm f'n beat so I am taking a break on the couch long enough to write this entry, cause then I have to go to the grocery store and do some errands.

Monday, we flew to New York on Jet Blue. Comfy flight, I totally recommend this airline. We didn't even have any problems with our landing gear. We got to our hotel, the New Yorker, to find it has rooms the size of matchboxes. Also, we found it to be centrally located and yet not actually close to anything in particular. Next time, it's the St. Marks Hotel.

It rained most of Tuesday, but we went to the Met so it made no difference. We saw loads of paintings that, up until now, I had only seen in prints, Art class books or on PBS. :) There was a special exhibit of Van Gogh's work which was excellent, of course. The Japanese art section was amazing, as was the modern art.

Also, I saw a painting that I'd always wanted to see in person: George Washington Crossing the Delaware. I always knew it was a large painting, but to call it simply "large" betrays it's mammoth proportions. The painting is gigantic and amazing. It is, in a word, Epic.

Another highly was the Arms, Armor and Guns exhibit. The most gorgeous flintlocks... it was all I could do to not shout "YAR!" kick in the glass and make off with the booty. Of course, I didn't see any powder or shot around so it would have been a rough escape. That's ok, there were plenty of melee weapons to help. Maybe next time.

Wednesday we went shoe-shopping, or boot-hunting perhaps, for Annette. She found an excellent pair of Grinders boots, in case anyone's keeping score. Thankfully it had stopped raining in time for the boot-hunt.

On Thursday, we spent almost the entire day paying someone to jab our skin with needles attached to a loud buzzing machine. Ok, not just someone. Tim Kern of Paul Booth's Last Rites tattoo shop. This is the second time we've met Tim, and the second time he's inked Annette, but it was the first time he's worked on me. (It's only my second tattoo.)

I got the power symbol I've been wanting for so long. It looks like it's shiny metal and embedded brutally in my left forearm. Click the thumbnail for a better view. (Pic taken the next day.)Annette got a gypsy head with a dagger through it and crossed flintlock pistols below. Tim's an amazing artist and a perfectionist... so he's not the fastest around (we were in the shop for almost 12 hours, about eight of that in the chair) but he's one of the best there is. The time and money was well worth it. He's also a helluva guy, so it was fun spending most of the day with him. We capped the night with a pint at The Library Bar. (That link is oddly dead as I post this, so if it's still dead and you wanna click... click this instead.)

Friday, we spent a good deal of time bitching about our arms for some reason. We swang by Last Rites and Tim took a final photo of each of our tattoos for the Last Rites site. Then we drove the rental car down to Philly, with a detour to pay respects at the final resting place of Joey Ramone in New Jersey.

That night, we met up with a couple of Annette's Philly friends and had great sushi and sake at some little shop, of which I can not remember the name, then headed over to the hotel bar where Pumpcon would be held the next day and had a few beers.

On Saturday, it took us over an hour to get across Philly due to freeways that flowed like stone. And not molten stone, either. Eventually we made it to the con, which was running even later than we were. (Which is good, since the first speaker was pretty interesting.) After the con we visited the Sailor Jerry Store and ran around and hit a few other shops before eventually retiring to our hotel to pack, eat and kick back.

This morning, Sunday, we somehow managed to make it to our 8:15am flight and here we are...

Ok, that was really longer than intended, but it's the longest vacation that I've had in a while. I'm tired and my arm hurts... but I need to go to the grocery store.