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RIAA sued by "victim"


RIAA sued by victim. From the article:

A WOMAN who was sued by the Recording Industry of America for file-sharing has countersued the outfit for hacking.

When Andersen contacted Settlement Support Center, she was advised that her personal home computer had been secretly entered by the record companies’ agents, MediaSentry.

The RIAA's methods here are despicable. They hire a company to, essentially, act as digital thugs extracting protection money from people with the threat of a major lawsuit. From what I can discern, it's a cross between Vigilantism and Racketeering.

Apparently she had been up at 4:24am downloading "gangster rap" music under the login name “gotenkito@kazaa.com.” Andersen does not like "gangster rap", does not recognise the name "gotenkito", is not awake at 4:24 a.m. and has never downloaded music.

Of course, the woman is a single mother... so there's a kid in the house. There's no mention of whether or not the kid could have been doing the downloading. I heard through other channels, however, that when questioned about it the kid responded "it's gangsta rap, beeyotch!"