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Happy V-T Day!


Happy V-T Day! For the historically challenged, allow me to assuage your ignorance (at least on this topic) by explaining the significance this day.

V-T Day is a national holiday that we Yanks celebrate here in the U.S. of A. Much like V-E Day or V-J Day, it's set aside for us to remember our fallen heroes and celebrate the alliance of Pilgrims and Indians that came together and set aside differences to overcome the mighty threat of the Turkeys. It all culminated at the battle of Plymouth Rock in 1621, when the Pilgrim Navy landed and joined forces with the local Indian Resistance Army (who had, for the record, spent many, torturous years under the abhorrent rule of the local Turkey warlords) to attack the Turkey forces in one climactic battle.

Fortunately for us all, the Pilgrims and Indians won the day and freedom for all. Well for a little while. There were still some independence details (such as totally unfair taxes on tea) to work out and that whole trail of tears business, but let's skip that for now. Now, once a year, we celebrate this victory and give thanks to our fallen heroes.

So, now you know and, as a wise military man once said; knowing is half the battle.

Happy V-T Day, to one and all. If you're American, that is... Ah, what the hell. Happy V-T Day to Floridians too.