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Double Feature Sunday!


Watched 2 movies today: King Arthur and Chronicles of Riddick.

King Arthur is yet another retelling of the Arthurian tale. However, this one has a twist: believability. Ok, maybe that word is a bit much... but still. The story has had the fantasy of Camelot stripped from it and has been returned to what is likely the roots of the Arthurian legend... the Dark Ages. Some might say they take liberties with the tale, and they'd be right. But so what? No less than every other hollywood movie has... in fact, I'd say less so. It's far more interesting than the Athur flicks that have come before and is certainly less, shall we say... offensive, than the tripe that was First Knight. (ew.) 2004's King Arthur is the best cinematic take on the Arthurian legend since the Holy Grail. Hats off to Mister Fuqua and Mister Franzoni for a great interpretation.

Chronicles of Riddick was a much lesser movie, but really no less fun. Riddick (Vin Diesel) was a bad-ass in Pitch Black and continues to be one in this flick, set 5 years later. It had some interesting elements, but all in all, it's best not to look too closely at the storyline or you might feel the urge to put your finger through one of the plot holes to see how big it is. (And trust me, in some cases you can get your whole arse in there.) But if you can ignore that (*click* Go, Go Gadget Suspension of Disbelief!) and you enjoy sci-fi action, then you should like this movie.