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NEWSFLASH: There Are Sharks In The Ocean!


I'm hardly an animal rights activist (or even PETA supporter)... but this sort of thing irks me. I mean, not in a big major way or anything, but it's just kinda stupid.

Here's the news story. (Short version: Snorkler torn in half by big ass shark in Australia.)

So, now they are hunting for this shark to "safeguard the public". Hrm. That's kinda odd. I mean, had he somehow sprouted legs, come up on land, knocked over a 7-11 and killed the shop owner, then I might understand. Call Bruce Campbell or some other fearless asskicker and go get the motherfucker. But they guy that got killed wasn't in a 7-11. He was in the ocean. Like, where the shark goes to eat. Cuz, you know.. that's where it does everything. It kinda lives there.

So, essentially they're gonna kill the shark for not being a vegetarian or something.

Not that it's not a bummer that a guy got bit in half, and I don't want to sound too callous but... um... he knew there were sharks in the there, right? (By "there", I of course mean that big body of water called the ocean that has all the sharks in it.) Don't you sort of have to accept the risk?