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Asahi DVD Beer Fridge


I'm almost surprised this isn't an American invention. I think Budweiser and the rest of the macrobreweries just got their asses handed to them in the Neat Beer Promotional Thingamabob arena. Go, Asahi!

Gizmodo Japan: Asahi DVD Beer Fridge:

"The ultimate in bachelor pad accessories: it's a TV, it plays DVDs, and it's a beer fridge, all-in-one! You gotta love the higher-ups at Asahi Beer for coming up with this concept. Only thing is, you can't buy it -- it's only available as a prize in Asahi's latest sales campaign (the ad appeared in today's issue of Tokyo Walker magazine). But just the thought of having one of these at home... It doesn't really get better than this, does it?

Full Ad Scan [Gizmodo]"

(Via Gizmodo.)