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Dashboard Sites (or: my, they come and go so quickly here)


Tiger isn't even out the door yet and there are already multiple Dashboard sites already up and running and competing and merging and whatnot:

- Today marked the launch of the latest contender, DashboardExposéd.com. Yes, they spell their name with a é, even though the URL doesn't really have one.

- TheDashboarder (the oldest Dashboard site known to mankind) merged with DashboardDev(eloper) to become DashboardWidgets.com. Creative. Well, at least nobody will be confused as to what the site is about, I guess.

- DashboardLineup is soliciting ideas for widgets. (Someone tell some of the posters over there to go look at DashboardWidgets.com and they will see most of their ideas already implemented.)

- Also, not to be forgotten, DashboardConfessional is still up and running. For some reason.

Ok. I'm gonna go get some indian food and ponder this.