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New Pope: Benedict XVI ...wait, what?


This morning, John Ratzenberger (of Cheers fame) was elected- wait... No, that's not right. Joseph Ratzinger (of Germany) was elected Pope.

He immediately changed his name to Benedict XVI. Yes, this implies that there were FIFTEEN other Pope Benedicts to come before Ratzenberger. Yes, this *IS* a symbol that they've finally got an original thinker at the head of the Catholic church. Or maybe not.

Anyways, congratulations to Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI which will be given the Magic Pope Hat, Armored Pope Cape, Rod of Papal Might and, of course, keys to the Popemobile. Good luck fighting crime on the gritty city streets and back alleys of Vatican City.

PS: On a side note: They chose a 76 year old Cardinal to be Pope? What, do they not want to be stuck with one for so long this time?

PPS: And Benedict XVI?! There really were fifteen others. I looked. If he was gonna recycle (is there a rule or something?) then why not go with Zosimus, Linus (Slashdot would have exploded in glee), or my favorite: Hilarius. C'mon, who wouldn't want a Visit from Pope Hilarius II? Sure his views on birth control are medieval, but he's so funny!