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Scalzi's "Switcher" Story


There's lots of good stories out there about folks who have seen the light and are now Mac users. This particular blog entry by author John Scalzi is pretty funny though. He's a reluctant switcher but is succumbing to the darkside... er, lightside... er, rightside. A snippet:

But even my body has decided the Mac is the way to go. Here's how I knew I had a pronounced Mac affinity: The Mac and PC both use keyboard shortcuts, with the PC using the control button and the Mac using that wierd four-leaf clover/apple button. After just two days using the Mac, every time I used the PC keyboard I hit the four-leaf clover button rather than the control button. That's after using PCs pretty much exclusively for the last decade. Two days. Tell me that's not a sign.

Btw, John.. it's called the "Commmand" key. Welcome to the fold. :)