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TV is Good For You But EMail Isn't?


Over at the game girl advance blog:

TV is Good For You: According to Steven 'Emergence' Johnson in the New York Times, television makes you smarter. Why? Because it's getting more and more like videogames in the following ways...[snip]

They go on to talk about Cognitive Multitasking, Learn by Doing, Emergent Television, 'Interactive' Television and The New Criteria for Smart Culture. It's interesting, but, um... interesting doesn't mean true.

AND, that bit of tid comes after THIS recent newsflash:

Email Worse Than Marijuana For Intelligence?: wallykeyster writes 'The Guardian is reporting that a recent study at King's College indicates that the average IQ loss of email users was 10 points (or six points more than cannabis users). Details on The Register as well. The Register has a related story about how computers make kids dumb and an apparent 'problem-solving deficit disorder' observed in children who use computers. I thought it was television that rotted your brain?'

That was all over the news (well, the RSS feeds I read, anyways) last week, but that snippet came from Slashdot.

I'm sure there are some cannabis fans out there who think this is some sort of victory or something, but most of the potsmokers I know are also email users. So they're just screwed. Hope they watch a lot of TV.

Anybody else get the feeling that these researchers just make this shit up... maybe after getting stoned and watching and a lot of TV? What's next? Researchers determine Cheetos make you a better lover...?