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The Dark Ages Are Now


Lest anyone forget, events transpire to remind us that there are places on this planet that are still in the dark ages. One such place is Afghanistan.

(Sure, it's better than it was when the Taliban ruled, but that's like saying, "hey... it's better to get your arm chopped off at mid forearm than at the elbow because that way you get a couple extra inches of stump!" Congradulations. You still have a fucking stump for an arm.)

Woman stoned to death in Afghanistan for adultery: Xeni Jardin writes: The public execution of a woman accused of adultery was the first such incident in Afghanistan since the Taliban were removed from power.

According to eyewitnesses, the 29-year old, named only as Amina, was dragged out of her parent's house in Urgu District, Badakhan province by her husband and local officials before being publicly stoned to death. The man accused of committing adultery with her is alleged to have been whipped a hundred times and freed.

Link to Reuters story, Link to Amnesty International statement.

(Via Boing Boing.)