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Ok, the name sucks but I WANT ONE:

Philips's iPronto TSi6400, the last remote you'll never afford: Philips iPronto TSi6400We have no idea how they did it, but some crazy engineer at Philips found a way to outdo their previous efforts spent on the RC9800i remote—which we hear was dubbed by British Parliament as ‘The Remote to End All Remotes’. What we’re talking about here is the iPronto TSi6400, which features a color VGA resolution touchscreen, 400MHz Xscale CPU, 64MB flash memory and 64MB RAM, mic, headphone jack, stereo speakers, PC-card slot, 802.11b adapter, 8 nav buttons, 5 programmable buttons, rechargable li-ion battery, IR-learning capabilities, and it can even replicate your old remotes’ layout, displaying up to four simultaneously on-screen. You’re going to pay dearly for this though, oh yes. $1,700, dearly. Sell a kidney, whatever you’ve got to do.

[Via uber-review](Via Engadget.)

Ok, the gadget lust has subsided long enough for me to comment rationally. Now, iPronto... sigh. Look, I know we're to blame for the genesis of the iName for everyone's iProduct out there in the iWorld... but cut it out, already. I'm not saying that only Apple should use iNames, but geezuz, get a hold of yourselves.

At any rate, no.. it's highly unlikely I'd pay $1700 for a remote... but I still want one because it's über and it looks like something you'd have on Star Trek: The Next Generation... but it goes on your coffee table. And that's just how my brain is wired.

Of course, I'd need a much cooler home theatre setup before I could have something like this. Otherwise it'd be like having some awesome high-tech, killer dashboard on your yugo.

Update: Amazon has this for only $1430.99! heh.