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"We have the technology..."


Via Slashdot:

Ophthalmologists, Physicists Design Bionic Eye: "InfallibleLies writes 'For the first time ever, those who have been blind since birth will have a chance to see the world. It's still in the early stages, but this is a giant leap forward in medical science.' From the linked BBC article: 'U.S scientists have designed a bionic eye to allow blind people to see again. It comprises a computer chip that sits in the back of the individual's eye, linked up to a mini video camera built into glasses that they wear. Images captured by the camera are beamed to the chip, which translates them into impulses that the brain can interpret.'"

I love articles like this. My reasons are threefold. That's right, threefold. 1.) I love technology and watching it advance. 2.) Advances that allow people to overcome disabilities is just heartwarming. 3.) Anything that makes me fondly remember favorite childhood TV shows AND makes it seem like they are coming true... rules.