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I'm one of those that fell under the PSP (PlayStationPortable) spell cast by Sony. I'm not a big hand-held gamer, in fact the last hand-held unit I had was my Atari Lynx (that thing was bitchin!) and since then I pretty much yawned as the Gameboys and Nintendo DSs rolled by.

Then Sony announced the PSP. I didn't want to want it... but eventually, I could not resist the specs (including wi-fi and an awesome screen), the games and most of all... PSPWare and all the hacks!

I've enjoyed it immensely. It's a really kick ass unit. I hope that either Sony lightens up and allows people to write homebrew code to run on it or the hackers figure out how to do it with or without their help. Other than that the only item on my PSP wishlist is a way to "sync" wirelessly.