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From The "I Hate People" Dept...


Clarence Stowers is a selfish bastard. - Well, that's how the headline should have been written. This guy bought some frozen custard and found a finger in it. Ok, sure... freak out. That's what most people would do. However, when you return to the store 30 minutes later and there's a dude there who is missing his finger, you fucking give it back to him.

Student suspended over call from mom in Iraq - I'm sorry... when a 17 year old student gets a call from his mother who is on deployment in Iraq in the Army's 203rd Forward Support Battalion... you simply let him take the fucking call. (I'd like to make it clear, that this story might not convey how disorderly the kid got after they insisted he hangup, and maybe he deserved punishment if he crossed the line... but my point here that it should have never come to that.)