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Digg It


I've (only) recently discovered Digg. It's a user contributed and modded news gateway site. (If that sounds like Slashdot, well, it's because it's LIKE Slashdot, but better.) Users submit the news stories and all of the readers decide to either digg it, or not. If more people digg a story, it floats to the top.

Additionally, you can see what stories other users have dugg, and if you have an account you can add your friends as, well, friends and compile all your friends stories into one feed. That's right, feed.. as in RSS feed. In fact, you can get any user's list of dugg stories as a feed. Pretty cool.

I'm xt0ph3r over there (r3v was too short) and if you wanted my feed, you'd hit this. If you sign up over there, and I don't hate you for some reason, add me as a friend.

Additionally, there's a DiggNation podcast (iTunes URL!). Really, that's how I found out about the site. I heard Kevin Rose (of Systm, and formerly of Attack of the Show and Screensavers) on the TWiT podcast talking about it.

Go forth and digg it.