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Nacho Cheesier?


I bought a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos with my lunch today. Printed in big bold letters on the bag is the phrase "Now Better Tasting!"

Now better tasting? Was anyone complaining about Nacho Cheese Doritos before? Hell, most people probably think Frito Lay (the giant chip conglomerate who makes Doritos) invented the flavor of Nacho Cheese. At least as we understand it in pre-packed snack goods.

And now you are telling me it could have been better this whole time? What? The flavor scientists working on the Nacho Cheese formula were the second string and only NOW have they moved the A-team to the Nacho Cheese department? Or have they been toiling away in their artificial flavor laboratory for many years and have suddenly had a sapidity breakthrough?

I feel like all along I've been eating mediocre Doritos when I could have been having better. It's like I've been had. We all have and it depresses me to such a low that I'm not even sure these Nacho Cheesier® flavored chips can lift my spirits.

Ok. I'm going to eat my lunch now. In sullen rumination.

UPDATE: I don't notice the difference. Was this all a marketing ploy?!