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Post this link to help Hurricane victims - MissingKatrina.com


Via Amber Mac:

Post this link to help Hurricane victims - MissingKatrina.com:My good friends at Textamerica just let me know that they've launched a site, Missing Katrina, to allow victims of Hurricane Katrina to post photos to try to find missing friends/family. If you have a website or blog, please take a few minutes to post a link to Missing Katrina.

"This site is here to help you try and find your missing friends and

relatives from hurricane Katrina. You can post their pictures here by

uploading them directly from your PC. You may also enter details like

your phone number and email address."

They've also set up a toll-free number if you need help uploading photos and posting information - 1-800-774-0512.

(Donations can be made online at the American Red Cross website.)