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Welcome to Narnia, bitch


We went and saw Chronicles of Narnia last week. Completely awesome. If you've any fondness in your heart for that book from reading it so long ago, this movie will not let you down.

The director, whom I've never heard of before now, really delivered. (Andrew Adamson, in case you were wondering. And it seems that this, plus Shrek 1 and 2 makes up the entirety of his directing resume.)

The effects, especially on Aslan, were stunning. Very well done and nearly all the animals were perfect. Liam Neeson voicing Aslan was also perfect.

Tilda Swintno, the woman who played the Ice Queen, was perfect. C.S. Lewis may have invented the Ice Queen, but I have to give Disney props... they know how to do villains. She was evil and regal. (With a wardrobe befitting a classic Disney animated villain.)

That brings me to my last point, the movie is pretty dark and scary. Some of the scenes can be pretty intense. One couple with a very small child had to leave the theatre when he proclaimed the movie too scary. The girl next to us buried her face in her dad's arm a couple of times, but stuck it out. Those with kids should keep that in mind when going.

But do go.