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MacWorld '06, Sushi, Sake and TWiT


It's what I call a good day.

We got up to the city and parked at the Metreon (which will be my place to park for MacWorld from now on, or at least as long as it's at Moscone) and decided to have lunch at Sanraku (that's a yelp review link, join the site, be one of us, gabba gabba hey, we accept you, one of us) before heading over to the show. That meant sushi, nigiri and some excellent Suishin sake served in masu boxes.

A note on masu: If you like-a da sake, then this is the best way to have it, I think. The server comes out with saucers and places them on the table, then she places these boxes (called masu, in case you haven't grokked that yet) on the saucers. Then the fun part begins when she begins to fill the box; and then overfill the box so that it flows into the saucer. (Apparently there's a way to do this with sake glasses and smaller boxes as well. Shown here.)

Then we headed over to the MacWorld Expo and met up with Annette's friend Chris and chatted briefly before hitting the exhibit hall floor. The most impressive things this year came from Apple, in my not so humble opinion, but there was other cool stuff to see too. Of note, the number of cars (photocred:ericriceofericricedotcom) at this years show doubled from last year. It also seemed like there were considerable more bags and iPod accessories.

We were checking out the iSkins booth. Their eVo iPod cover is really pretty cool. Annette ordered one of their cases a while ago, but it hadn't arrived yet. While she was lamenting this fact, Eric came up and took a picture of the back of her head and offered props on the thoroughness of her dye-job. Heh. So, we wandered around with Eric for a while until we decided we needed a beer before we went to stand in line for TWiT. (I wasn't impressed with a lot of stuff, but I also realize that I managed to somehow miss the Games section as well as the EFF booth. :( )

We were on the waiting list for the live taping of the This Week In Tech podcast. It's one of my favorite podcasts and if you're into tech at all and haven't heard it, you should check it out. Fortunately we got in, because they filled up the Zeum theatre to max capacity. I'm happy we went. The taping was a lot of fun. Leo Laporte, Amber Mac, John C. Dovorak and Patrick Norton were all in rare form. The panel was about twice that, but those were the key players for me.

Then it was dinner at some place I can't remember and a drive home. I crashed on my couch at around 23:15 I think. MacWorld is draining. I have to spend the day in a crowd of people and bite my tongue a lot. heh.