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Yelp is frickin' cool


2005 seemed to be the year of Social Networking sites and Web 2.0. Lots of cool sites popped up (or rose from obscurity) and some of them were even useful. (Digg and del.icio.us being my two favorite examples.)

A new social networking site has come to my attention: Yelp.

It's a simple, yet brilliant use of the social networking concept. It's just reviews of local businesses (of all sorts) but the reviews are written by your friends and other local folk. So you can easily find out about cool places and spots to avoid. It's like citysearch meets digg meets myspace. Well, without the myspace.

Anyways, there are lots of people there already and tons of reviews... but it will only get better the more people that join (especially the more friends you have that join) so go sign up! And find me at my very own special URL (r3v.yelp.com) and add me as a friend.

Rarely do I invite people to a site, or pimp one, as much as this... I really think this could be a very useful tool.