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Give It Up, Podcasters. Show's Over.


Howard Stern says there's no content for the iPod. Specifically, he says, "I believe that people will pay for radio-- it's everything iPod can't be. IPod [sic] can't give you content and we can." Eric, Kevin, Leo, Swoopy, Keith... time to pack it up. There's nothing to see here. Move along. Oh, and take Soccergirl with you.

Hmm. I don't think Eric Rice believes him. My nearly full 60g video iPod doesn't believe him either.

Oh, Howard. I'm a fan, but I have to say that sometimes your grasp on technology and trends is a couple years behind. How long did it take you to actually embrace the web? When did HowardStern.com launch? Anyways, don't take aim at podcasting (because you're not going to be able to hit a million targets) you should be more worried about terrestrial radio like Free FM. Cuz they're aiming at YOU.

Pedantic Gripe: The iPod can't give you content... it's a device, not a medium. YOU give the iPod content and it serves it up all nice and pretty for you.