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"Fuck lemonade, you wanna buy a Mac-10?"


Via thisislocallondon.co.uk:

Girl 14 Accused Of Supplying Machine Guns: A 14-YEAR-OLD girl from north-west London stands accused of conspiracy to supply a machine gun capable of firing 1,000 rounds a minute.

The article goes on to discuss crime, violence and gangs in London. Gang warfare is on the rise. Then it talks about music videos and I nearly stopped reading, assuming this was the normal blame the media type hype, but for some reason, I continued...

The police chief points to a growing trend which is seeing gangs produce music videos, being broadcast on digital music channels, encouraging violent attacks on rivals.

Wow. That's a bit worse than the standard glamorization of the gangsta lifestyle we see on MTV here in the States. That's actual televised propaganda in a gang war. Kinda scary. Almost as scary is the proposed plan...

One solution put forward by Superintendent Logan is the US initiative of "street pastors".

Under the American scheme volunteers from local churches, wearing overtly religious clothing, patrol crime hotspots.

The report claims that black males aged between 13 and 19 are less likely to commit crime if they know a pastor is around.

<facepalm> Of course it's an American scheme. Well, all I can say to these church patrols is good luck (honestly) and you might want to consider carrying something heftier than the word of god with you.


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