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The Departed


Saturday, we saw the new Martin Scorcese film The Departed. It's got a cast that's so full of big names that I had to wonder if it would really be as good as it sounded with all those egos vying for attention and screen time.

Nicholson, DiCaprio, Damon, Sheen, Wahlberg, Baldwin. And those are just the ones you recognize with one name. Then there's folk like Ray Winstone, Anthony Anderson, Kevin Corrigan, and the lovely Vera Farmiga.

Not a single bad performance in the lot. In fact, quite the inverse. Jack Nicholson plays an Irish-American mob boss who doesn't feel like the same Nicholson character we've seen a couple dozen times. DiCaprio is, perhaps only now, officially all growed up I think. (The guy is only two years younger than me, but has been playing a kid for the last decade it feels like. Even in the Aviator, he seemed a little young for the role.)

It's originally a Chinese movie, and although I know there were some changes, I have not seen the original yet. This might explain why it doesn't feel like the standard Hollywood drivel.

The movie runs two and a half hours, but doesn't feel like it. The entire movie is a good ride, even the slower parts.

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