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Run, Run, Run, Runaway


Some days, I want to run away from home work and pursue my (pipe)dream of making a living as a writer.

I envision writing for TV, mostly. I imagine starting off for some bad morning show where I hate the hosts and I am forced to write jokes about the weather and provide sub-witty banter-fodder. That would be ok, though. It's an in and it's writing. Eventually, I'd move up to a writing for some shitty sitcom that stars Damon Wayans or a washed-up standup. Eventually, I'd manage to claw my way into a show like Battlestar Galactica, Studio 60, Heroes or The Unit and I'd be ecstatic.

Of course, the entire time I'd also be working on trying to get a movie script sold, because who doesn't have a movie idea, right? I've got a couple dozen. One or two of them might even be good.

Then, eventually, I'd become a Script Doctor. The guy they call in to fix a screenplay that just isn't working. You know, punch it up. That's an almost ideal job, I think.

Yeah, some days that what I dream about doing. This month has been one of those days.<EMO>le sigh</EMO>

How old am I? Is it too late?

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