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Miss Video Game - Now accepting Contestants


Miss Video Game is now accepting contestants. Check their criteria:

Be Miss Video Game


1. Must have Personality

2. Must be a female? (No wigs and makeup guys)

3. You Play Video Games like its your job.

4. Loves the beach

In particular, I like that #2 is a question and I think #4 is just evil and wrong. It's kind of silly (kind of?) but there are some cute (and, uh, not so cute) girls there and no wonder, the prize package includes a thousand dollars, a trip to Cabo and a new game console. Oh, and the biggest prize of all: "Featured in an upcoming video game title".

Of course, the game will probably be called "Miss Video Game 2006"... and they'll just stick your head on DOA Beach Volleyball girls or something.

I wouldn't have found out about this if my dromette buddy Buxomia (aka Jenny) hadn't entered. When voting opens up, vote for her.

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