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Napa 06


After a great Thanksgiving, Annette and I headed up to Napa for the weekend for her birthday. On our way in, we had lunch at AppleBees so prepare for the onslaught of fermented grape juice. It was the day after T-Day and they already had Christmas music playing. WTF? And it was the most horrid music. I mentioned to Annette that songs about "being merry" should't make me want to put a gun in my mouth. After we escaped the unmerriness, though, things looked up.

We stayed at the Old World Inn (yelp review is still forthcoming), since out longtime favorite (The Daughter's Inn) has changed hands. To be fair, I don't know if it has negatively impacted the service at Daughter's, but the hosts were a big reason to stay there. Our room had a 60" screen with an HD projector and a very nice whirlpool tub... very nice.

On Saturday, we had a driver and a towncar. This is the second time we've done Napa with a professional driver. Last time, it was a very enjoyable experience even though the driver didn't know shit about Napa. This time, we had a very cool, informative driver and the experience was a hundred times better. An' that ain't no hyperbole, bub.

Also, I have to say, this is a GREAT time of year to go to Napa. It's absolutely gorgeous. Most of the vines have changed color and the grass is all a vibrant green. The view from Domain Carneros really shows it off nicely.

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