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Well, Isn't That Tidy?


I'm a big del.icio.us user and I quite like the feature that automagically posts all your newly saved links daily. However, it does clutter up the blog quite a bit, especially since I tag sites more often than I write posts.

I still want the links to be saved into the blog and show up in the RSS feed, just not cluttering the homepage. I poked around in the default WP options and found nothing to help me. Then, I noticed that this is exactly what Eric Rice is doing. I drop him a mail and forget about it for a couple days.

Then, today, I remember Eric's on vacation and I'm not likely to get a response soon. Duh. However, I decided to take a couple minute out of my hectic workday and focus on something at least a little more fun than my job. So, I hit Google and start search on how I might get a plugin to do this or hack it myself...

Yeah. Two minutes later I found the 1 line hack on the official site. Well, it's five lines if you like your code with pretty formatting. And I do like the pretty. I love Wordpress.

So, if you still want to see the links for some reason you can just hit up that category. (I think it might be easier to visit my page on del.icio.us.) And they're still in the feed of course.

This might not have been very interesting to you, but this was a pretty important diversion in my workday.