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The Child's Play Charity Is Spinning Up Again


One of my favorite charities is Child's Play. I've written about them before.

From their Press page:

Child’s Play is a Seattle based, gamer-run organization that holds an annual toy drive for childrens’ hospitals. Many of the gifts donated by gamers are, as you might imagine, age appropriate videogames and gaming systems - but they are by no means the only things donated. We received eager donations of coloring books, art supplies, crafts, movies, cartoons, virtually anything a young person could ask for. We asked the world-wide community of gamers, and they gave so much we had to move to larger storage facilities three separate times.

Our 2005 event raised over six hundred thousand dollars in toys and cash for twenty children’s hospitals around the US and the world, putting the community’s total contribution level well over the one million dollar mark. This year, we’ve expanded Child’s Play once more, including our first hospitals in Australia and Africa.

So, here I am, once again, pimping on their behalf. I really do think this is one of the coolest charities around and I encourage you to donate. Youv'e got two options: Straight up cash, via paypal. Or, and this is the fun one, go find a hospital on the site, check out their wishlist and buy 'em something you think is cool.

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