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I voted, have you?


This morning, I got up was listening to CNN while I got dressed. I had my Defcon '06 shirt barely pulled over my head when CNN reported that the Vice President planned to spend today hunting. I immediately swapped shirts so I could go to the polling place sporting my Dick Cheney Gun Club shirt.

I arrived at the polling place and I think the shirt offended the little old lady who was managing the line. She got revenge by telling me I couldn't listen to my iPod in line. Wow, um... okay. The line was short, so I didn't argue. I did briefly wonder if the shirt was going to cause me any other issues, but the rest of the poll workers were jovial.

So, anyways. I voted. That way, not only can I bitch about things later, I can say "Hey, *I* didn't vote for it/him/her."