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Thank You Letter from An Iraqi Mayor


Via Smittie's Ramblings:

An Iraqi Mayor Thanks the 3rd ACR: I didn't see this in the mainstream media. This is a letter from the mayor of Tall ‘Afar, Ninewa, Iraq, thanking the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment for liberating his town from the control of Abu Mousab Al Zarqawi.


Smittie, my friend who owns that blog, goes on to explain that he got to know some of the 3rd ACR while he was in Kuwait. (I cut the blog post there, because after that he gets into the Kerry fuckup and it's a downer way to end an uplifting post. I only mention it to explain my partial quoting.) The letter from the Mayor is a very cool read and reinforces the fact that very few of the good news stories make it to the major media. (It makes me curious why the right wing new agencies don't take these news stories and run with them. The media is so fucked up they can barely support their own bias, I guess.)

I don't like us being in Iraq, but there is good that has come from it and I think it's important to recognize that. I think it's also important to think about what might happen to the good Mayor Najim Abdullah Abid Al-Jibouri and his town of Tall'Afar if we were to "cut & run" early. Don't get me wrong. I didn't want to go and I want out... but you have to get out the responsible way. Two wrongs and all that jazz, capiche?

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