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EFF accepts Barney's surrender


Via Boing Boing:

EFF accepts Barney's surrender: Cory Doctorow:
EFF has won a settlement out of the corporate owners of Barney the Purple Dinosaur -- a pack of legal bullies who use copyright law to threaten people who make fun of their character on the Internet.

Hahaha! Take that you giant, retarded Grimace rip-off!

I wrote a short story, or perhaps more of a long poem, well over a decade ago called "Barney & the Hunter". It was about a lone woodsman who came back from a hunting expedition to find that a giant, purple monster had lured away all the children, so he set off to slay the beast. I had forgotten all about it until this news story. I have no idea where it is these days. Probably archived deep inside some long forgotten .tgz, .dmg or .zip file. heh.